International Ulrla Artichoke Festival - Artichoke
The destiny of nations is determined by the choice of its sustenance... The Artichoke, this wondrous geography has provided for us, is known as a vegetable, however, in reality is an unopened flower bud. 
Native to Urla Peninsula, the Artichoke is a perennial early breed with flat and loose petals and a purple flower...
With the infinite values it has added to our health, the artichoke takes its name from the woman 'Cynara' with whom Zeus fell in love. Once again this year, invites you to Urla with the heart hidden between its petals...
As the 18th Century gastronomist Jean Anthelme Brillat Savarin has said, 'instead of discovering a new star, it is more beneficial to discover a new delicacy. İf you are among the people who support his theory, will you join us in discovering the mysteries of the 'Sakız' Artichoke?
If so, let's all meet for this festival in Urla.
Art Workshop Coordinator Mehtap Süner Susuzlu
Transleted by: Filiz Keyder Özkan