International Ulrla Artichoke Festival - Urla

Life in Urla... First a 'good morning', then a little sunshine... A little love... A little solitude... Some warmth... A clear cool sea... The infinite generosity of nature... A rebellion against the city followed by a peaceful sleep!
The few examples mentioned above are definitely not sufficient to explain Urla...
To the West of Izmir, located at the start of the peninsula takes its name from the Latin and Greek word 'Vourla' which means reed-bed...

Urla has hidden the signs of her multicultural past lives within the cobblestones or the streets, and among the rough stone walls of the old houses supporting secrets that fuel the imagination.
With the ancient olive, fig, myrtle and bay trees and the unrivaled 'sakız' artichokes, the evergreen hills that smile upon the sun and the sea, Urla is once again celebrating this glorious spring with the second International Artichoke Festival.
Urla the host of The International Artichoke Festival for the second time, is a town in Izmir which is a member of the International Gourmet Cities Network (Delice) has set an example being respectful to local foods and its growers every passing day.
"One's life is thought to be coloured by one's dreams"... Let's colour our own lives with the colours of Urla this spring..
Art Workshop Coordinator Mehtap Süner Susuzlu
Transleted by: Filiz Keyder Özkan